Volunteer Odyssey: Bloggers Needed!

Volunteer Odyssey is a 7-day volunteering/blogging tour of the Memphis nonprofit scene, specifically designed for young professionals between jobs and on the hunt for their next great opportunity. 

Each blogger will have the opportunity to build relationships with nonprofits and other volunteers during their Odyssey Week. During this time, they’ll be able to stand out in the job market and give back to the community at the same time. At their next interview or networking event, they can point to their involvement in this program and say “look what I did with my time off!” It serves as a testament to their diverse skills in written communication, relationship building, marketing, and hard work.

Here’s what makes a great Volunteer Odyssey blogger:

– A full free week to dedicate

– An interest in volunteering

– On the search for a great job

– Good writing skills

– Reliable, punctual, and professional

– Live, work, and/or play in the Memphis area

You can find out more information about Volunteer Odyssey at their website: www.volunteerodyssey.com/ or facebook page: www.facebook.com/VolunteerOdyssey.  If interested contact Sarah Petschonek, Ph.D. at sarah@volunteerodyssey.com.


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