Making Music, Making Amends

Susan MarshallLast week, Lunch Break Video got all excited talking about the many great musicians in Memphis who make their art in their spare time, fitting the process in around their day jobs, and we made a mistake.

We dropped in a video from local singer, instrumentalist and songwriter Susan Marshall, a constant presence in our venues, record stores and broadcast media. She reached out to us, leading to this exchange:

SM: Thank you kindly for the shout out! I need to tell ya, though… I don’t play for beer and I don’t have a day job. I’m one of the lucky ones that’s able to make a living from nothing but music. Real lucky!!!!

MC: Thanks for clarifying. I guess we began with an idea and then got carried away with all the potent talent in the city.

SM: I like when people get carried away. It means they are passionate! It’s ALL good. I like passionate people!!!!! Thank u again for including me in your post. I’m honored. And the music community is lucky to have folks such as yourself championing us.

Well, as cool as she was about it, her message hit us right in the gut. There’s nothing we hold in higher regard than the people who push Memphis’ art, culture and pure Memphisness into the top tier of the world’s coolest cities. So, in an attempt to make amends, here’s a sample of Marshall at work.

The comment section for the next video includes this slice of truth: “Rolling Stone called out her performance as a highlight of this show, one filled with internationally known musicians. It’s absolutely amazing that Memphians can hear this incredible voice live on a regular basis.”Youtube user adent28.

And here she is at Memphis’ Ardent Studios, at work in her element.

Thanks, Ms. Marshall, for making Memphis your home and your muse.




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